Welcome to Trinity!

Join us for worship

Every Sunday at 11am in English and at 9:30am in German.

We wish you a happy, blessed new year and greet you with the watchword for 2015:

“Welcome one another, just as Christ has welcomed you, for the glory of God.” (Romans 15:7)


Going through the new year with God

Every time we worship we step out of time into the presence of God. We have a chance to bring closure to the old and start anew with hope, and we are assured that our value is not based on our so-called successes (or lack thereof), but is based in God’s unconditional love for us.

We particularly encourage you to make use of these opportunities to grow in your faith:
Adult Bible Study Wednesdays at 6pm at Trinity: Discuss the lessons for the upcoming Sunday – you will get so much more out of worship, and it will be with you all week.
German Bible Study Thursdays at noon: Now is a good time to join – we will choose a new book of the Bible to study.
Thematic Bible Study at Holy Trinity (10037 84 Ave) Thursdays at 10:30am: What does “Love God, and love your neighbour as yourself” mean when that neighbour is Muslim? In this new study, Islamic and Christian scholars offer reliable information about what Muslims believe, how they live out their faith, and how we all can be about building relationships across the lines of faith. Jan. 15 – Feb. 12.