110th Anniversary

a bit of history

In 1902, when the church was first built as a wood framed structure to hold 100 people, the only other buildings in the area were the Minchau blacksmith shop and a number of small wooden shacks. Previously, local residents travelled eight miles to Ellerslie in order to attend a church service or held services in their homes. With a wave of new German speaking immigrants from various parts of Europe, the new building soon grew too small and was replaced by the current brick building in 1914. Since 1933, services at the church have been held in both English and German. Today, Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church continues to welcome new members, whether they are immigrants from various parts of the world, residents of the local neighborhood, or anyone in between.
When asked what the 110 year milestone means to her, Pastor Ingrid Doerschel states: “First of all, the 110 years give us certainty that we have strong roots in this country and in our faith. But secondly, they help us grow into a colorful, open, multicultural future that we can help build, since we know we are being well-supported. We want to uphold our traditions and traditional space while looking to the future.”

anniversary project

Our 110th Anniversary Project is to replace the sanctuary flooring and repaint the interior of the sanctuary. This project was approved by the congregation at the February 26 Annual Meeting (an outline can be found in the March 2012 Team). The work was completed between May 27 and July 6 of this year.

There are just a few details still to be taken care of; most of them depend on material being available to complete the work:

  • Re-upholstering of the choir pews – we’re waiting on the fabric, and then the foam and material will be replaced and the pews re-installed

Our newly renovated worship space was formally dedicated during worship on September 9th. We hope you enjoy the results of our efforts as we worship in a beautiful space with enhanced acoustics.

We want to thank all the members of Trinity that have supported this project to date, with their time and their skills and knowledge and with their financial help.  We have had over 100 people that have volunteered their time to make this project a success.  Final budget numbers are not yet available but we will be very close to our project budget of $35,000.  This will leave a significant positive balance in the renovation fund and council will decide later this year how the funds will be used going forward.

If you have any questions, please phone the office or speak with a member of the Project Committee: Frank Thede, Michael Kant, Sig Donadt, Jordan Van Biert.

Thank the Lord for 110 years of His ministry to and through us at Trinity!