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Sunday, October 25: Reformationstag 2020

In 2017, the German Lutheran Church (EKD) had prepared this 3 day “Bible week lesson plan” culminating in an order of service for Reformation Sunday. We are posting it here today.
The plan contains many lovely prayers on the topic of God helping us in our fears, as well as numerous story and craft suggestions. Feel free to make use of any suggestions that you feel drawn to, possibly the illustrative readings.
1. Tag: Wovor haben wir heute Angst, wovor hatten Menschen früher Angst
Luther: Gewittererlebnis und Thesenanschlag (als 95 Sätze gegen die Angst)
2. Tag: Hier stehe ich – ich kann nicht anders – Gott helfe mir. Ich stehe zu dem, was ich glaube
Luther: Von Worms bis zur Wartburg
3. Tag: Viele kleine Leute: Es gibt viele, die anders denken, es muss sich nur mal einer trauen, was zu sagen
Luther: Gutenberg und die Erfindung des Buchdrucks → Das Fest der besiegten Angst (PDF)…

Here are links so some of the songs suggested:
Einfach Spitze dass du da bist:


Gottes Liebe ist so wunderbar:

Vergiss es nie: (Text in den Kommentaren)

Bewahre uns Gott:

Halte zu mir guter Gott:

Eine Feste Burg ist unser Gott:
Cantata Version; jazz Version

Der Mond ist aufgegangen:

Sunday, August 30. We are taking a month off. But we invite you to open up this episode of a Kinderkirche from a congregation in Germany. It was made for Cantata Sunday complete with puppets and guitar!

Sunday, July 26. Today, instead of a full fledged Kinderkirchen lesson, I invite you to explore songs and texts by Kurt Mikula. For example this one on the 10 Commandments.

His YouTube Channel is full of faith filled, child-friendly German song texts!

Alles Gute und Gottes Segen jetzt im Sommer!

Sunday, June 28. A few weeks after Pentecost, Jesus’ disciples prepare to each go their own way, inspired by the Holy Spirit, to begin the work of spreading God’s message in their world.
Follow the links to enjoy the videos. Link 5 leads to a Sunday School lesson plan with section 3.1 a fictionalized story of Peter telling a younger newly joined disciple of how through God’s help they WILL be able to do this mission work. (An inspiration for us as well.)

1. Freies Gespräch – free conversation likening the fact that young birds are now learning to fly with how the disciples now learn to make their way in the world without the physical presence of Jesus
5.… (siehe Teil 3.1)

Sunday, May 24 is when Jesus’ Ascension (or drive to heaven… Himmelfahrt) is the topic of the day. We are borrowing online content from various churches and individuals in German speaking church communities to put these lessons together. Here are the websites and further instructions for you or your children/grandchildren. The main message is that once Jesus ascends into heaven, His presence and the love of God remain near. Gottes Segen für euch alle!

1. Freies Gespräch. (Conversation around looking forward to the summer and possibly missing friends.)
2. u. 3. 4.… und/oder
4.… Younger children might enjoy pasting cotton batten on the clouds. Older children might be interested in seeing how the parts of Jesus’ life make up a good portion of the church liturgical year.
5. A way to help direct young children to different parts of a prayer, different ideas of what or who to pray for.
6. 7.… This young singer expresses God’s promise to us that He is with us and one day we will be with Him.

The story for Sunday, April 26 is about the two men walking from Jerusalem to Emmaus after Easter. They had not heard that Jesus had risen from the dead. When he appeared and walked and talked with them, they thought he was a stranger. Only when they invited him in for supper and he took the bread, thanked God and broke it did they recognise him, but then he was gone! They ran all the way back to find the other disciples in Jerusalem to tell them about their talk with the Risen Lord! Parents reading this, please note, the links referred to in this episode of Kinderkirche Online are repeated below the poster. Children can retell the story following a children’s service outline that you may hopefully be able to download from link #4 (look for Emmaus under Kindergarten.) They can replay the scene with any toy figures, or use their creativity to make the characters out of toilet paper rolls they may find in your recycle bin!! Enjoy and God’s blessings!

1.Freies Gespräch (free conversation). 2. Vaterunser mit Figuren
4.… (Der Weg Nach Emmaus unter Kindergarten, S. 2-3)
5. Herr bleibe bei uns, denn es will Abend werden und derTag hat sich geneiget.

Die Ostergeschichte in Film
Wir laden euch ein, hier mal hereinzuschauen…

Frohe Ostern!

The story in March was about Daniel in the Lions’ Den. The children are being asked to play the story out with their toys etc. taking on the different roles. Depending on their ages, they will need more or less help with the instructions and the craft. Blessings as you work your way through with them! The necessary weblinks appear below the second poster.

Hallo Kinder! Seid ihr alle Tage zu Hause fast wie eingesperrt? Manche Menschen in der Bibel kannten das Gefühl, eingesperrt zu sein, ob im Gefängnis oder in der Löwengrube. Heute hört ihr die Geschichte von Daniel, der so sehr auf Gott vertraut hatte, auch wenn das VERBOTEN war. Aber Gott hat ihn nicht verlassen. Ihr könnt zu Hause die Geschichte nachspielen. Alles Gute bei Euch zu Hause!

1.Freies Gespräch (free conversation). 2. Vaterunser mit Bewegungen siehe unten. The Lord’s Prayer with gestures, see second poster.
3. Text: je nach Belieben kürzen von… Beispiel:
4. Ich bin bei dir, hab keine Angst
5. (Daniel 6, PDF 2)
Von Brot für die Welt PDF für Kinder
+ Bibelfitness Studio von der #onlinekigo Karlsruhe