Reading the Bible

Bible on Altar
The Bible is a collection of sacred writings written over a time-span of more than a thousand years, incorporating stories, poetry, history, religious codes, letters and more. It is no wonder we sometimes have trouble understanding the few verses that are read in worship on Sunday morning, because they often appear out of context. The key to understanding anything is in exposing ourselves to it and seeing it in its context. Through daily exposure to Scripture, we become more familiar with the whole of the Bible and begin to discern the common threads that weave themselves through all of its various kinds of writings.

Martin Luther compared the Bible with the cradle that held the Christ child. Just as that cradle had boards that were crooked and nails that were bent, and just as there was straw and hay in it, so also with the Bible: Not everything in the Bible is “straight forward”, easy to digest, or equally important. But within these sacred writings, God has revealed to us God’s very nature in the person of Jesus Christ, the Word made flesh (John 1:14). God’s Word is ultimately more than a book. It is the living Word of Jesus Christ, speaking to us today, even through the ancient written words.

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