Facility Rentals

Our sanctuary with adjoining atrium, our church hall (Luther Centre) with kitchen, and several smaller meeting rooms are available for rent. We are a regular venue for weddings, funerals, members’ family celebrations, community groups, concerts, and since 2010 we have also been a Fringe venue. We are very happy to support the community by making our facilities available.

We are currently reviewing our rental policies and fees. If you would like to inquire further about renting our facility, or take a look around, please contact the Office Manager.

Weddings: If you are interested in getting married in our church, please go here.

Our beautiful sanctuary seats 500. For events and weddings, 220 of these seats have excellent sight lines, with the remainder having good to limited sight lines (for example, some back rows in the balcony have limited sight lines). The sanctuary’s acoustics are excellent, and we also have a PA system.
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Luther Centre and kitchen:
The capacity of Luther Centre for banquets (round tables and chairs) is 180. Another estimated 100 people can be seated on the stage (along long tables, not shown). For assemblies (chairs only), the capacity is 275, plus 150 on the stage.
Please note that the kitchen is only rented as part of a function held in Luther Centre.

Meeting rooms: