Finally snow! I have been yearning for a thick blanket of white all winter. And when I looked at the brown grass, the bare shrubs and trees, and later the cracks in the ground, I thought, how much must the plants yearn for a cover that protects them from the dry wind, and that turns into thirst-quenching meltwater in the spring. Now, finally, there is something for them.

My thoughts contrast sharply with how the weather has been presented in the media. Sunny, dry, warm days were welcomed by announcers as “nice” or “beautiful” while cold and snow are bothersome, causing traffic troubles and overall inconvenience to us humans. Also, there has been no hint that maybe, maybe this unusually mild winter could be a sign of things to come as our globe is warming. The announcers are pandering to what they perceive to be the dominant sentiments of their audience – Edmontonians – and unfortunately climate-conscious people, gardeners, friends of trees and other plants, do not seem to be among them. I feel silenced, ignored. And I feel our fellow humble creatures of flora are also ignored.

Well, I am standing up for us in this post. Hooray to snow, hail, rain – we need it. The plants love it. Thank you, God, for this snowfall, and send us more!

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  1. Hannah N

     /  Tuesday March 20th, 2012

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. This truly has been an odd winter. I, too, have felt saddened by the radio chatter about lovely weather when I know that what we really need up here is lots of snow to be sure there is enough moisture for farmers and the prevention of forest fires. In that you are thinking about the needs of plants and “humble creatures” you are being a steward of God. Bless you!!


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