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a garden for all

I am excited that on April 17, Trinity’s church council approved a garden proposal for the church grounds and the park across the street. This is something a few people (including myself) have been dreaming about for a while, and it is becoming a reality now: “As we are planning some renovations to the inside […]

eggs & chickens

Easter is approaching, and people are buying eggs: Chocolate, jellybean, and “real”. In our society, eggs go with Easter like Santa with Christmas. I am part of this: I have fond childhood memories of searching for Easter eggs in the garden – what a thrill! And also of colouring eggs each year with my mom […]


Finally snow! I have been yearning for a thick blanket of white all winter. And when I looked at the brown grass, the bare shrubs and trees, and later the cracks in the ground, I thought, how much must the plants yearn for a cover that protects them from the dry wind, and that turns […]

voices in the wilderness

Dec. 15, 2011 (by Pastor Markus): Voices in the Wilderness can comfort the afflicted or they can afflict the comfortable, or both. Isaiah sang “Comfort ye my people…” but John the Baptist cried “Repent for the Kingdom of God is at hand.” When I listen for the voice of Jesus, I hear both. This morning […]