My Interests

What are your particular gifts and talents?

Currently we need volunteers to help with making telephone calls and deliveries. Please use the Contact tab or phone us if you can spare a few hours.

Feel free to consider the rest of this simple calling discernment survey in the coming months once “normal” routines resume!

This checklist can help you discern your calling for a ministry within the congregation. If you answer YES to any questions, keep track of the letter shown.

Am I a people person? A

Am I a detail oriented person? B

Do I like getting at the ‘big picture’? B

Do I enjoy working with children or young people? A

Am I very ‘hands-on’? C

Do I have a way with words? D

Can I sing or play an instrument? E

Am I good at explaining things? A/B

Can I fix things? C

Am I a problem-solver? B/C

Do I have a good sense of rhythm? E

finding your calling

Which letters came up the most often in your list? Where could you see yourself serving? Pray for God’s spirit to guide you as you make this choice.

Mostly A – ushering / visiting the sick and isolated / running a small group faith study group / helping the Youth Committee plan youth events / teaching Sunday School / planning or chaperoning retreats and outings / planning and helping with Vacation Bible School / and much more…

Mostly B – participating in the work of various church committees such as Finance, Stewardship, or others / joining Church Council / helping coordinate various LEAF activities, etc.

Mostly C – joining the Property Committee / helping out with church, cemetery and Mulhurst camp clean up days / keeping the nursery clean and tidy / helping with groundskeeping around the church / watering plants / joining the early Sunday morning snow shovel brigade / helping with hospitality at church dinners, funerals, Sunday morning coffee time, etc.

Mostly D – reading the Sunday lessons to the congregation / writing articles for or helping proofread the church newsletter / composing prayers to be used in Sunday morning liturgy / help with German/English translation, etc.

Mostly E – joining the handbell choir or any other choir / leading the Sunday School singers / helping provide music for congregational events

Read over the descriptions of the various groups in the congregation as well as the information about volunteering in the church as you pray to discern your calling based on your unique strengths and interests.