Who We Are

We are a vibrant Christian congregation worshiping in a historic building in the heart of Old Strathcona, Edmonton. We are a community of people who have had a taste of God’s grace – we have in some shape or form experienced that God is a real and loving force in our lives and world. We have been blessed where we did not expect it, accepted where we felt unworthy, forgiven where we did not deserve it, comforted where we were broken, changed where we were stuck. Together we want to learn more about this surprising grace and live it out in our lives. We have been found by grace and called to love: God, ourselves, our neighbours, all of creation.

If you yearn for unconditional love, healing, honesty, and an exciting way to live and serve, we invite you to check us out: Browse these pages, contact us, or, even better, come to church! We worship every Sunday at 11 am in English, and at 9:30 am in German.