Our Ministry Team

Each member of the congregation has been called as a witness for God in his or her particular setting. It is the work of the congregation to equip, assist and strengthen each member for God’s service.

Our Ministry Team consists of a Senior Pastor, a Student Pastor, a Music Director, a Church Organist, an Office Manager, and a number of other part time and volunteer staff.

Our Ministry Team:

Senior Pastor Ingrid Dörschel
worship, counseling, baptisms, weddings, funerals, pastoral care & counselling, Christian education, bilingual

Children and Families Coordinator Pastor Eileen Edwards
congregational life, children’s ministry – shared position with Holy Trinity Anglican Church

Student Pastor Erin Thomas
worship, youth ministry, pastoral care & counseling, funerals, Christian education, inclusion

Office Manager
reception, office administration, facility rentals, communication

Music Director Jordan Van Biert
music, worship, choirs, handbells, concerts

Church Musician Cherie Larson
organ, piano, violin, arranger and accompanist

To reach any member of our ministry team, please call the church office at 780-433-1604 or click on the link above to send them an email.